Michael Seven

I spent many years as a songwriter and musician. I started playing the piano at nine years old and then to accordion since my father Aldo use to play accordion as was a child. There was also a time in 4th grade Catholic school that one of the 12 pupils in my classroom stood up in front of the class and played his accordion. His name was Gregory Sinclair and I noticed how all the class was focused on him. I thought that I had that same advantage since my dad played the same instrument. I then asked my dad to teach me. When I went to Boynton Beach Junior High School I wanted to be in the marching band. The conductor, Mr. Richards,  told me that no one plays an accordion in marching bands. I had two choices, the trumpet or the French horn. I like the way the French horn looked so that became my choice. I didn’t realize how small the mouth piece was nor how difficult it was to learn. I progress with it into high school and secured the French horn forth seat in the Florida State band.

One thing became obvious. I didn’t get much attention playing either the accordion or French horn in my social age group. I decided to learn the guitar. Now, that changed everything.