Virtual Brands

I started registering generic .com domain names back in 1994. I sought after singular as opposed to plural words but there are exceptions like and is worth more than My first registrations was, which at the time was registered for free, and one of my last was which I paid the buyer six-figures. I brokered my first domain name sale of in 1996 for $20,000. That’s was a lot of money for something most people thought was a fad. The highest sale of a domain name at that time was for $55,000.

Here are some of the names I’ve sold over the years. I tend to keep these valuable addresses but also believe that if I don’t develop them, that I should sell them to those that will offer content on them. These valuable addresses need quality and quantity to make them even more viable destinations for the public. Search, plays a big part of finding information but domain name addresses offer a way of connecting the dots of individualism that will enhance the future growth of the internet.

The Names I’ve Sold (buyer defaulted/ I still own)
Room .com (buyer is currently paying over 5 years)

While many of these sales are under NDA, I made sure was not under an NDA. It was sold for $3.1 million in 2014 and is currently ranked on Wikipedia as one of the top selling domain name only sales in the history of the internet.